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This addictive sound...

Since 1991, Harmonic Brass has been renowned for big elegant brass sound. New York Carnegie Hall, Seoul Arts Center, Leipzig Gewandhaus: the four gentlemen and a charming lady are welcomed and feel at home everywhere in the world. Harmonic Brass travel around the globe playing around 120 concerts a year with changing programs. An ensemble that spreads good humor: meticulous filing at their performance combined with baroque joie de vivre, serious musical work alternating with giggling boyishness. Five individuals, who couldn't be more unequal, melt to a unity on stage that is hardly ever to be met. This has got about: Harmonic Brass is supported by an incredibly large number of fans. For the Goethe Institute, Harmonic Brass has been a cultural ambassador all over the world since 2000, and the musicians from Munich also hold numerous international workshops.

Whoever has been to a Harmonic Brass concert knows what the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" means when writing about an ensemble that "...with its glamorous-virtuous way of performing is one of the best of its kind worldwide.

... The feel-good ensemble for all the senses.

Manfred Kopf Edel
Manfred Häberlein

Thomas kopf Edel
Thomas Lux

Liesi Kopf Edel
Elisabeth Fessler

Hans Kopf Edel
Hans Zellner

Andi Kopf Edel
Andreas Binder
French Horn

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For many years the Musicians of HARMONIC BRASS are enjoying the Cooperation with Manufacturers of decent Brass-Instruments and Mouthpieces. With the Companies Josef Klier, Ricco Kühn and Miraphone they have strong Partnerships and combine their virtuous way of playing with high Quality Products made in Germany.

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Social commitment in South Africa

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With their Brass Project South Africa the Musicians of HARMONIC BRASS are providing Brass Instruments for Social disadvantaged Children in South Africa.

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